Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Connotation exercise

Read each of the following sentences. Decide from the context whether the speaker is 

showing approval or disapproval of the topic. Then circle the best word to put into the 


1. “The sooner we move out of this (home, dump),” said Jack, “the happier I’ll be.”

2. This cell phone is (expensive, overpriced), but I don’t mind paying extra because it has so many useful features.

3. You’re lucky to have Wilma on your committee. She has lots of (original, crazy) ideas.

4. Boss Reed and his (cronies, employees) have controlled the politics in this city for more than twenty years. I certainly hope the other party wins this year!

5. It was a beautiful spring day, and the (stench, scent) of apple blossoms filled the whole yard.

6. I hope I don’t have to share an office with Janice. Sandra told me how (curious, nosy) she can be.

7. “I think Fay is an excellent president,” said the principal. “She really knows how to (manage, meddle).”

8. Will you please turn your stereo off? I can’t concentrate with all that (music, noise).

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