Monday, May 13, 2013

    Saying Exactly What You Mean

    Whenever you speak or write, be aware of any connotations of the words you use. As you know, the words you choose convey your meaning; that's what language does. But not only words have connotations; whole sentences do. Spoken or written language that includes carefully chosen connotative words to convey emotions or subtle suggestions make sentences more interesting and help listeners or readers get a clearer understanding of what you're really trying to say. The more precise your words, the more power they will have, and the better your overall communication will be.

    The candidate raised his arms above his head as the crowd applauded loudly.
    The victorious candidate raised his arms heroically as the crowd applauded uproariously.

    Denotation of the sentence: A candidate won and the crowd applauded.
    Connotation of new sentence: An extremely popular candidate won and felt proud of his victory. This sentence is much richer in connotation; it communicates meaning more effectively.

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